Thursday, September 10, 2009

So, How's Married Life?

We've been asked this question a lot lately, though sometimes I suspect it's merely small talk or an ice breaker. Other times, people are completely serious.

And I always have the same reply: "No different, really. It's just good."

I know this may seem like a Debbie-Downer response. Maybe people expect me to gush about just how wonderful it is to be married, like as soon as I said "I do," a magical marriage fairy came down and sprinkled me with special marriage dust and everything in the world became brighter, more clear, and sparkly.

Well, not so my friends, not so.

But what I can tell you is that life is good. Really good. I wouldn't say "better," simply because we enjoyed each other before the wedding, and we enjoy each other now.

I came across a quote this morning. I LOVE quotes. Love them. So it's not odd that they "speak to me." Most of them do. I saw this, studied it, and decided, "Hmm. I like it."

"Dating is about loving someone just the way he is today;
marriage is about loving someone just the way he will be tomorrow."

And I still do like it. But now, after staring at it a bit more, and re-reading it, I've decided that it doesn't really apply to us.

You see, we loved each other as-is, without conditions, for the majority of our relationship. The concept of "dating" really is foreign to both of us, as we settled into a serious, committed relationship long before it's considered normal. But we knew. We knew deep in our hearts that this was meant to be.

And now, our marriage, feels like a deep sigh of relief. A chance to relax without the pressures of wedding planning, really. But in terms of our emotional relationship, it's little different. And for us, that's a good thing.

It's funny, after the wedding, and for us, it really was on the ride home that evening, it all seemed so far away and so, well, insignificant. The details that I pored so much time and effort into were fabulous, but inconsequential. I don't regret the amount of time I spent thinking about our flowers, what color shoes I should wear, or if the men's' suits should have two buttons or three. Everything came together and was lovely, and for that, I have no regrets. I'm glad we focused on what we did and ignored the rest. I'm grateful that we feel this way, because I know not all couples do after their weddings.

So, how's married life? It's good. We're content and enjoying life. And if my blog posts continue to be sporadic, this is why. I will surely update once we get the rest of our wedding photos, and then send you all on your merry way to our other blog endeavor, Living With Murdock, for honeymoon recaps, snippets on home, decor, crafts and cooking, and basic life updates.

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