Friday, December 5, 2008

Needs Vs. Wants

So one great advantage to having this long engagement is the ability to spend time researching for the best vendors, negotiating great deals, and taking the time to make thoughtful, slow decisions.

It also encourages over-thinking.

For instance, a few weeks ago, I pointed out that I wouldn't be caught dead with chair covers. And now, working with a linen coordinator, I've been offered a GREAT deal on them. And I want them. Why? I'm not even really sure. I still don't find them "aesthetically pleasing," nor do I find them to add any comfort for my guests. I guess I find them the lesser of two evils, as compared to a plain banquet chair.

Or, am I just being sucked into the crazy "You-must-have-this-or-it's-not-a-real-wedding" mentality?

Since we're working on what we've decided is a "small-ish" budget for a Chicago wedding, we've really had to think hard about what we want, what we need, and what we'll sacrifice if need be. We both completely agreed that the location/venue was our number one priority. And while the Danada House is certainly not the most cost-effective choice, we don't regret the decision to have the wedding there. Second is a tie for food and photography. We lucked out with a great photographer who fit EXTREMELY well into our budget. The food, not so much. We're doing the best we can to try to get the style we want, the amount of food we want, along with a high caliber of service, all within budget. And we've discussed the fact that since this budget seems fairly unreasonable, we're going to have to pull some extra money out of our savings to get what we want. And we're okay with that.

However, we're not okay with pulling extra money from our savings for: chair covers, upgraded linens, a top shelf bar, valet parking, exorbitant floral decor, or organic grass-fed beef.

I guess we just have to keep reminding ourselves that there are more important things to put our money towards than satin-covered chairs...


Jamie said...

I have been reading your blog (and love it!) and am currently planning a wedding in chicagoland area - I am as well on a strict budget (we have priorities...) but i'm hosting mine at the KLM Lodge in Hinsdale, and it's a similar situation to the Danada House.. Could you email me your caterers that you are looking to do your cocktail reception with, and your linen specialist? I hope that you don't mind - my date is 12/12/09 so won't interfere with you! Thanks, Jamie Lamm

michael joseph harrington said...

I stumbled across your blog in preparation for our wedding in the naperville/wheaton area. We have appointments set with Danada House and Meson Sabika for a August 09 wedding.

I'm interested in your thoughts on a local caterer and who you consulted as a "fabric specialist."

My fiancee and I both really enjoy all the time you spent on details. Very helpful!


Mike H.