Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Alternative Color Schemes

Choosing our color scheme was actually pretty easy, as we went with process of elimination. As our motto/theme was to make it as personal as possible, I wanted to avoid colors that had already been used by my sisters (goodbye purple and yellow!). As much as I would have loved to do light pink/black/gray, Tom really didn't want pink. I wasn't really drawn to orange or red for a summer wedding, either. One of Tom's favorite colors is blue, and since I really didn't have a preference, I decided to go with that. Once I saw this picture, the colors really came to life and the decision was final:

Pool blue/apple green. Awesome.

However, if we were to have an infinite number of weddings that I could design/arrange differently every time, you best believe that color would be the first thing I'd play with.

I love this scheme of pinks, oranges, yellows, browns, apricots, greens and blushes:

It would look great with a spring/summer wedding, but would also translate nicely in autumn...

One scheme that I've found recently has become my ultra favorite: Dove gray, marigold yellow and crisp white. How fantastic would some classic Jackie-O type gray dresses with some bright yellow flowers look? Again, this could be used in any season, and could look super amazing in the winter!

What other colors do you love? If you had a second chance, what colors would you use?


Elena said...

I like the theme you are going with.

Blue is my favorite color, so this is what I am leaning towards. Our planning isn't that advanced yet, but I think for a September 6 wedding we will go with orange (a tribute to fall, + also my favorite color) and turquoise (to brighten things up).

If my wedding date was somewhere in June, I'd go with grassy green and pure white. With Lilly of the Valley as the main flower - I just love that light sophistication.
As I have started my research on colors, David's Bridal( had a nice tool to try your wedding colors and accessories. You can "build" your whole wedding party in it and see how everything looks.

Catherine said...

I like the blue you picked, its pretty and so close to Tiffany blue!

As for me, I've changed my mind approx. 47,000 times, and will another 23,000 before I even get engaged I'm sure.

Anne @ Pink Galoshes said...

I just adore the blue you chose. Really pretty!! I am still smitten with platinum, but I love reading about other people's choices!