Thursday, December 4, 2008


...for my lack of posting, lately.

Between the upcoming holidays, regular bills, and the demand for wedding deposits, our wallet has been stretched pretty thin, which always leads me to feel uninspired.

However, I think a brief recap may help to remind me of all the "good" that has been accomplished lately.
  • Still in talks with the caterers. There are 2 definite possibilities for the cocktail reception, and 1 definite possibility for a sit-down affair.
  • Met with a florist on Monday. Got a great quote for everything I wanted, proving that small budgets don't necessarily mean giving up what you want.
  • Will be meeting with a "linen specialist" soon. She's quoting us 60% less than the caterer. Talk about a markup!
  • Both the comb and my earrings arrived. I pulled my trusty dress out of storage (hiding under my bed!), and held them up. They both match perfect and I'm super excited that I bought them.
  • On a whim, bought paper to line the envelopes for the invites. It's a small touch that will probably mean a great deal of work, but I don't mind doing it! :) Plus, I got all the paper I need for $2.75. Total spent on invitations so far = $35.00. All I need now is the paper for the programs and I'm done...
  • We've almost finished our Christmas shopping, with the exception of one grab-bag for Tom and our parents. I just bought Tom an AWESOME gift, and I'm bursting to tell him. :( I can't wait to post some pictures of his gift after Christmas!!! :)

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