Friday, July 10, 2009

She's Got the Look...

Hair and makeup for me is tricky. My hair is thin, fine and completely straight. It's difficult to get it to hold a curl, and applying product only weighs it down and makes it look dirty. With makeup, I never like the way it turns out when a professional does it. I don't look good with black eyeliner and mascara does absolutely nothing for my eyelashes (luckily, my eyelashes are super long and curly!!).

From the beginning, then, I had decided that there would absolutely be no professionals involved with my hair and makeup, besides my mom and sisters. Tomorrow I'm heading over to my mom's house for hair trial #1. She's known for her mild hair talent and major eyebrow talent, so this has all been entrusted to her.

But, we still have the makeup to work out. I'm a huge fan and proponent of Bare Minerals, having been on the bandwagon for over three years (and converting at least 5 people to it since...). I plan on taking a trek over to the Bare Escentuals store soon and testing out more of their eyeshadows and liners, since I really want to concentrate on my eyes (what I deem as my best feature).

I saw the picture below, and really liked how her eyes were the focus, and the rest of her makeup was natural, but still pretty. Substitute the black eyeliner for brown, and this is pretty much the look I want to achieve:

I really think my makeup should still be natural looking, and just a slight exaggeration of how I normally wear it. I want to look back at my wedding pictures and see me, not see the trends of '09 reflected on my face (much like the brides of the '80's look back and see blue eyeshadow staring at them).

Eh. Time will tell. Of course, I'll post updates on how my adventures go.

Happy Weekend!

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