Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why I Love My Florist

This sounds like the great beginning of an essay, and maybe it should be.

I know I've extolled her virtues and talent before, here, here , here and here, but you've got to believe me -- she really is superbly talented.

And even though I have complete faith and trust in her, I can't say I'm not nervous that I won't actually see the flowers until I arrive at the ceremony on the wedding day. So yesterday, when she posted on her blog about a wedding she did this weekend where the colors were white and light blue and encompassed most of the flowers I'm using, I was so excited to see them!

Below are snapshots of the bridesmaids bouquets --- these are essentially what we'll be doing, but with some green hypericum berries and some blue/green hydrangeas thrown in...

Gorgeous, no?

Bouquets and photographs lovingly copied from Kio Kreations

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Kristen said...

OMG you are so cute and so getting hooked up for posting this! :)