Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 100th Blog Post (& a Very BIG Announcement!)

So today's post marks an important milestone for every blogger -- 100 posts. I knew this post was coming soon, so I will admit that I waited until I had some exciting news to share before posting. I certainly didn't want to use this post to discuss linen colors.

Before the announcement, let me just quickly say that I very much appreciate you readers, from the ones who happened to stumble upon my blog accidentally to those family members who were threatened with the silent treatment if they didn't leave valid comments. I have a lot of fun writing this, and it definitely is sweeter knowing there are people who actually read it!

On to the big announcement:

We're moving the wedding to this summer!!

Those of you who have been around since the beginning may recall my purgatory post. With 18 months to go before the wedding, both Tom and I were continuing feeling a significant amount of angst. The idea of eloping was thrown out, semi-seriously, but was nixed on account of all the family and friends we're so excited to share this day with. We've taken a few weeks to think, discuss, and decide upon our options, which explains my lack of enthusiasm towards the end of December. With so much up in the air, we couldn't, in good faith, continue to plan a wedding which neither one of us wanted.

This isn't to say the wedding we were planning wasn't spectacular, just that it wasn't worth waiting for. As the days pass, I'll begin to reveal more clues about our upcoming nuptials. Since we have significantly reduced our planning time, most of this is coming together rather quickly, so stay tuned! :)


Nicole said...

Ohhh, exciting! Congrats!


Lingerie said...
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Becca said...

Yeah!! Can't wait for everything to come together!

Marie said...

Can't wait!!