Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Final Checklist.

So I know I'm a bit tardy with July's checklist, but I've been just a wee bit busy. Here goes...*I'm estimating a 95% success rate!)

  • Buy wine bottles for "guest book" & ceremony box Done!
  • Purchase remaining bridal party gifts :) Done!
  • Attend appt. with stylist for hair/veil If by stylist you mean my mother, then yes
  • Attend gown fitting (currently being hemmed, bustled at the next) Dress is finished & in my possession!
  • Send out rehearsal dinner invites Word-of-mouth is a handy thing...
  • Trial hair/makeup runs Done!
  • Finish, print & assemble programs Done!
  • Get marriage license! Done!
  • Go over ceremony with "officiant" Done!
  • Wrap bridal party gifts Done!
  • Get final count for reception & confirm with Maggiano's Turning it in today! (170 +3 kids!)
  • Confirm & send out final payments for Czarina, Kristen & Kara Done! (Well, final payment for Kristen the day-of...)
  • Book airport shuttles and other tours for Australia Done!
  • Send "must-take" picture list to Kara Done!
  • Finish up music playlists and confirm equipment Done!
  • Paint flower girl wands and get them over to Kristen Umm...done. Sorta. She did this for us...
  • Create signs for wedding day Done! Dropping them off tomorrow!
  • Finalize after-party arrangements! Done. This one is sad. There are no after-party arrangements any more :(

As for our current to-do list, we're almost done, really. In the next few days, this is what we have left...

  • Create seating arrangements (assignments done, just need to be typed)
  • Print miscellaneous signage
  • Pack ceremony & reception boxes
  • Pack for honeymoon
  • Clean house
  • Finalize rehearsal menu and buy any other food we'll need
  • Confirm all honeymoon reservations and flights
  • Pack overnight bags for Saturday
  • Get nails done
  • Break-in wedding shoes
  • Create checklist for all items to make sure they arrive and are safely returned
  • Finish vows and send to officiant
  • Print out final copy of ceremony and pack binder for ceremony
  • Pack gifts for rehearsal dinner

I think this is all. Don't worry, I have a master checklist at home so we don't forget anything the day of!

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