Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Finished Seating Charts...

So we've said all along that we didn't want to go with traditional escort/place cards, and instead, wanted to simplify into a seating chart.

Below is a semi-inspiration picture...

We opted to cut the chart up across 5 picture frames, with the names listed in alphabetical order. Final product below:

Would it have been cheaper to do the traditional folded pieces of paper? Probably. But in the end, this wasn't really expensive, either.
Cost breakdown:
5 picture frames: 40% off @ Michaels, and used a 25% all picture frames coupon: $12
5 4" black easels: $14.99
Blue backing paper: FREE (same as used for the envelope lining)
Time, labor, effort: FREE (though I should probably charge for my services!
Even though it cost around $30, I know I'll be able to reuse all the black frames in my house when we're done (probably for wedding pictures!), and I can probably re-sell the easels, too!

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