Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Le Fleurs...

The flowers, which I really put so much focus on early in the planning, were beyond my wildest dreams! Kristen from Kio Kreations captured what I wanted perfectly --- modern styling with a summery, garden feel, and flowers that just made everything POP! She was awesome enough to blog about us here, and I stole all these pictures from her! I'm guessing that some towards the end might be from our professional photographer, Kara, so consider this a sneak peek! I sure do!

My bouquet, including the locket Tom bought me for Christmas 5.5 years ago!

I love the pin detailing she did --- lovely, but simple enough not to detract from the flowers or the locket...

Boutonnieres --- I believe Tom's is on the right:

Words cannot say how much I love this picture!

Oh my gosh. Perfection. I just wished my legs would have been a bit more tan, haha.

Love it.


And, lest we forget it, the infamous brick:

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