Monday, May 11, 2009

Crunch Time!

With LESS THAN 3 MONTHS TO GO, I'm really started to feel the crunch! This week/weekend, I'm going to attempt to finish the invitations. If it doesn't work, I'm going to have to go professional with these, as I have 2-3 weeks before they're mailed. Since the cost of stamps went up yesterday, I was waiting before I purchased over $100 worth of postage. I have to begin the calligraphy for the envelopes, and then I can finally relax. Sort of.

I don't perceive June to be much work, just beginning to track RSVPs and I'll have my first dress fitting, but July will be where it all happens!

We are SO looking forward to our first shower on Sunday!! I feel like this pretty much kicks off summer for us -- and it's all downhill from here!


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