Monday, May 18, 2009

Fabulous Shower!!!

Yesterday was our first bridal shower, hosted by my lovely and talented mother! Years ago, I called "dibs" on a recipe-themed shower (Hey, in a family of four girls, sometimes "dibs" is the only way to be sure you have a chance to get what you want!). My mother created these super-cute recipe card invitations, and asked the guests to send in some of their favorite recipes. She then compiled a huge book of them for me. I LOVE it! I've probably read through it twice, mentally dog-earing the recipes I want to try!

We are so very grateful to have had all the guests, gifts and good food that made up yesterday. As the very first "wedding event," it was pretty surreal, albeit fun!

It was also a major plus that we made out like bandits!! Everyone was unbelievably generous, and we now have SO much stuff, we don't know where to start the unpacking!!

Yeah, there's a table under there.

And within 20 minutes of unloading the truck, this is what Tom was doing:

He LOVES that goofy vacuum! And it really is as good as the commercial makes it look. Totally recommended! :) (Thanks again, Marie & Omer!)

He also got his vegetable peeler, which he was pretty stoked about! (Way to go, Bec!)

We also received dish towels and oven mitts... favorite tablecloth (from my amazing Maid of Honor!)

Yay! My tea set (along with a date for tea from the gifter!)

And lots and lots of plates from my lovely grandmother, aunt, and godmother!
We got TONS more, too, but these are the only pictures stored on my computer :)
Off the top of my head I know we got a spice rack (2 actually), a few awesome serving sets, a coffeemaker, pasta pot, grill pan, drinking glasses, wine glasses, beer glasses, silverware, a grill (including charcoal, lighter fluid, matches, and every accessory known to man), and our Kitchen-Aid mixer!!

Overall, it was a super fabulous afternoon! Many thanks to my parents for throwing our shower, and to all who attended! We're looking forward to our next shower at the end of June! It should be a lot of fun --- it's going to be co-ed, which should be interesting! :)

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