Thursday, May 28, 2009


The invitations are ordered!

It took a few polite but pressing emails, and then wouldn't you know it, I was quoted, checked out, and processing within 15 minutes! I was really happy with the quote, too. The paper for the white part of the invitations, the green mat, the green RSVP cards, and all the printing (both color, double-sided, and full bleed) cost me $110. Including priority shipping. Holla! That brings the total, with the envelopes and blue paper to about $140.

For comparison sake, this invitation below, along with the envelope and a response card would cost me $316.28 to order.


Despite the frustration of dealing with these, I think we have by far, still made a good decision.

I hope to have these in hand by the end of next week, which would mean that I'll be spending my birthday assembling and stuffing envelopes! :)


Marie said...

If you need help assembling, we can provide you with a couple of extra hands. It hasn't been too long since Omer and I have done it. Let me know.

Jamie said...

Where did you get your invites?

NickleBe said...

Awesome invites!! And thanks for the comment. . .