Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good Luck, Thomas!

At 4 am this morning, my dear boy departed on an 8 hour journey to Marietta, Ohio.

What's in Ohio, you ask?

NCAA Division III Outdoor Track Nationals, you see.

Again, despite the odds stacked against him, Tom qualified for Nationals in the shot put. They took the top 15 from the nation, and Tom is going in ranked 11th. To get his 3rd All-American title this year, he'll need to jump to 8th place.

I like to tease Tom and call him a procrastinator. He didn't qualify once for shot put until the very last meet on his VERY last throw. Talk about a last chance! As in his nature, this throw shattered the existing the school record.

He competes on Saturday, so we'll be unfortunately waiting on pins and needles until then. I believe that if he captures another title, he'll be the first three-time All-American in the history of his college.

I am so VERY proud of him! I can't wait to report back to you all on Monday with updates! :)

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