Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Haven't Obsessed in a While...

...so I think I'm entitled to devote this post entirely to a very small, insignificant detail.


So as of yesterday, the U.S. Post Office decided to raise postage. This is extremely unfortunate, because I loved the 42 cent stamp with the red heart that was out for Valentine's Day. It was bright, multi-color, and sweet without being gag-worthy or cliche.

So, here are my choices for 44 cent stamps:

Uhhh, lame.

Meh. This is part of their "Love" line (you can see it towards the bottom of the stamp). This is probably what we'll go with, but I don't love it.

Even though the envelope only needs the normal 44 cent stamp, we could spend the extra money to a) ensure delivery, and b) get a nicer stamp.

The standard "Love" stamp. Meh. 59 cents.

Wedding cake. Also very blah. 61 cents.

I like the colors on this one, but it has no relation to anything. 57 cents.

And last, but not least, the stamp for the response card:

Lame. Very, very lame. But unless we want to put 14 2 cent stamps on one card, we have to go with this for the response cards.

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NickleBe said...

Go with the 14 2cents stamps. . .It would be hilarious! I'll stick em!