Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wakeup Call.

Today marks 80 days out from the wedding (not that I'm counting or anything...).

I had a slight freakout yesterday, and somehow got it in my head that we were 6 weeks away (mathematically impossible, no matter how you calculate it!).

Then I looked at a calendar, realized I was freaking out for nothing, but kicked my butt into gear anyway.

On my way to meet the calligrapher, I called my seamstress to schedule my first dress fitting. Our conversation went something like this: (To help you visualize, picture a teeny, tiny, sweet little Asian woman)

Me: I'm calling to schedule a fitting for my wedding dress. It needs to be hemmed, I believe.
Her: When your wedding?
Me: August 9th.
Her: Oh. You come in soon. June work okay?
Me: Yes. Do you have anything available at the end of June?
Her: End of June no work. Need more time. 13th or 20th?
Me: The 20th will work fine. (Silently one more week would really make a difference in how it fits?)

Now that there is a solid date on the calendar, I've been hit with a wakeup call. There is no more rationalizing a cookie at work, a stop at Dunkin Donuts for coffee in the's all gotta go.

1 month and this dress needs to fit, and fit well.

Before Tom left for Nationals, we decided to start a competition. Since I need to look good in my dress and he needs to shed a few pounds to help his speed in the ring, we're going to do it together. Sort of. (When I'm not sabotaging him with butter in his food! :P -- I kid, I kid.)

The goal: To obtain the highest weight loss percentage.
The prize: Winner gets to pick our annual New Year's Eve vacation spot!

Wish me luck! (Though it's certainly not helping that today is a coworker's birthday and I'm surrounded by cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, coffeecake, and headed to a celebratory birthday lunch, right?).

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