Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Money Celebration!

So I know the last time I posted about money, I made a lot of eyes glaze over.

Sorry. I just like to talk about it. A lot. But I promise, this will be MUCH shorter!

As we found out early on in the planning, having a budget and sticking to it is key. Okay, fine. Sounds fairly straightforward, right?

But in reality, where does that budget come from? How in the world is a young couple just starting out supposed to come up with upwards of $20,000???

For us, our budget was set by what we could afford to put aside everything month, while still saving for other important things (cars, house, vacations, etc.). When we decided to move the wedding up an entire year, we lost 12 months of savings. While the cost of the wedding has decreased, it still is costing us a fairly large chunk of money. But, we've been diligent in putting money aside every month, and Tom and I are very happy to announce that...

We're OFFICIALLY done saving for the wedding and honeymoon!!!! It's SUCH a great feeling (especially because we're 3 months early!!).

The good news is that now we have a bit more flexibility with our budget. We'd been debating about an after-party, and now know that would be easy to do, or we can spend the money on some FANTASTIC bridal party gifts we had nixed because of cost...

We'll see! For now, Tom and I are just thrilled to have this taken care of and off of our minds!

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