Monday, June 1, 2009

Because I'm Not the Only Person Attending This Wedding...

The past two weekends have been fairly successful for members of my family out seeking dresses. Last weekend, my younger sister and maid of honor was able to find the cutest black dress for the wedding. It looks SO good on her (I already warned her not to upstage me!). I don't know where she got it, so I can't post the details, but be warned, it's seriously hot. And I'm jealous.

This weekend, I was out shopping with my mother for her dress. After trying on at least 20 dresses, most pretty classic mother-of-the-bride style, she found a winner. I can't really describe the dress, other than to say it's crazy, but in a really, really good way. It's certainly nothing you would ever expect as a mother of the bride dress, but it looks great on her, and that's really all that matters. I tried finding a picture of it, but no such luck. I did find a picture of her shoes, though, which are doubly awesome because they complement the dress perfectly.

The dress, a combination of black, blue and silver, should look really good in pictures (if you ignore the fact that my dad is wearing a green tie!).

In non-wedding news, Tom's back from 2 back-to-back trips, and I'm SO glad he's home! He's going to get his passport today, so we can check that off the list, too!

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Nic said...

I couldn't find you any decent pictures. . . I found one that was similar, but the picture does it no justice.
The people will just have to wait and no one can upstage the bride. . .it is simply a mathematical improbabilty!