Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feeding My Love Language...

Gary Chapman's best seller, The Five Love Languages discusses how people demonstrate and feel loved, specifically breaking it down into five separate categories.

I always knew that I enjoyed buying people things, more so than I enjoy shopping for myself, but I never realized that this was how I demonstrate love until I read this book. Quite an aha moment, really.

But it's true. I LOVE buying people gifts. I love brainstorming for ideas, I love analyzing them to figure out what they need or want, I love wrapping it up, and most of all, and I love seeing how much they love it (because really, I'm good at it. I'd say 98% of my gifting endeavors are highly successful).

So, I knew that I wasn't going to be gifting our bridal party and parents with standard gifts. Not an option. I also really didn't want to give them all the same gift, because that just seemed so impersonal. We are thanking these people for sharing this day with us --- does a monogrammed flask really do the trick?

I set out on a quest to find the "perfect" gifts for my sisters and my nieces. I'm 2/5 done with my sisters, and still on the hunt. I bought gifts for 2 out of 3 of my nieces last night, and I'm absolutely thrilled with them.

Normally I don't give jewelry to people. I feel that it's a very personal thing, and I certainly wouldn't expect someone to understand what I wanted to wear every day (though coincidentally, I wear my pearl earrings, a gift from my parents, every single day). However, in this case, it just felt like the right choice.

For my older nieces, one is turning 6 and the other just turned 3, Tom and I purchased lockets. Originally, I was only going to get this for the older one, but both Tom and my mother convinced me otherwise. We were able to get them engraved with their initials, which I think was a sweet touch.

I personally think they're pretty cute, and is something they can wear every day, or for special occasions, and will be pretty timeless.

It's safe to say that we have a pretty special relationship with our nieces, and Tom and I both felt strongly that we should get them something to reflect that, not just an embroidered flower girl tote or t-shirt.

Now, does anyone have good ideas for a 1 year old? (Just kidding, I've got plenty of ideas!!)

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Marie said...

Well she does love shoe strings :) Or playing with strings on a hoodie.