Monday, June 29, 2009


As predicted, we had such a great (but busy!) weekend.

Our shower on Saturday was fabulous, and we really got some great gifts. We have pretty much everything we need now, and are really excited to get everything organized so we can start using it! Some highlights:
  • We got TONS of baking stuff this weekend! Everything from rolling pins to sprinkles to cookie cutters to cupcake carriers -- it's AWESOME!
  • We have almost all of our dishes now (short 1 set) and we have all our everyday silverware :)
  • We got all of our towels and a shower curtain, which looks lovely with our freshly painted guest bath!
  • Pots and pans! (You don't want to know how we've been improvising...)
  • A party pack, complete with cooler and tiki torches!
  • A crockpot!
  • A new tv!!!

Yesterday, Tom and my brother-in-law finished up the painting in our dining room and bathroom, so once we get all our new stuff washed and put away, those rooms and the kitchen should be almost done! :)

I can't believe we have less than 6 weeks to go!!! Stay tuned tomorrow to see how well I did on our checklist!

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