Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June's Checklist -- Totally Successful!

In May, I was only semi-successful with getting things done on my to-do list. But, with the wedding getting closer, it was time to buckle down. Without further ado:
  • Workout 5 days a week. I'd give myself a "B" on this one. I was doing this, until I pulled a muscle in my hip. Worst pain I've experienced to date. Honest. Now, I'm doing yoga until it heals. :(
  • Assemble, stuff & ship envelopes. Totally successful.
  • Celebrate birthday! Success. :)
  • Make sure Tom gets his passport (or else I'm honeymooning by myself...) Got it! And it came in the mail last week!!
  • Attend 2nd shower, write thank-yous, unpack new stuff! Finishing the thank-yous tonight and tomorrow! :)
  • Confirm men's attire with the groomsmen, and hound them until they've figured out what they're doing... Done.
  • Paperwork. Arrange new insurance policies, draft will, etc. Half-done. We have to wait for our marriage certificate to take care of the rest...
  • Remind Tom to figure out day-of transportation... Done! We've booked a convertible to drive around that weekend! :)
  • Begin working on writing ceremony and vows (!) Ceremony - done. Vows -- I still think it's a bit early, though I've been brainstorming.
  • Get new accessories for Thomas (shoes, shirt, cuff links, etc.) Done!
  • Finalize bridal party gifts... Almost done. Most are purchased/the rest have been figured out.
  • Decide on veil...(?) Well, I've ordered the tulle to make it, and will make a final decision once I meet with my stylist this month.
  • Make rehearsal dinner arrangements Done! Now I just need to let everyone know...
  • Finalize wedding timeline and photographer schedule Done, too!
  • Finalize floral selections & send to florist Boo. Not done.
  • Draft program & get quote from printer Half-done.
  • Reserve & confirm honeymoon hotels Done!

If I say so myself, that was one heck of a month! Go me! :) Unfortunately, July's going to be just as bad, if not worse! Let's take a look:

  • Buy wine bottles for "guest book" & ceremony box (more on that later)
  • Purchase remaining bridal party gifts :)
  • Attend appt. with stylist for hair/veil
  • Attend gown fitting (currently being hemmed, bustled at the next)
  • Send out rehearsal dinner invites
  • Trial hair/makeup runs
  • Finish, print & assemble programs
  • Get marriage license! (yeah! I think we're doing it this week!!!)
  • Go over ceremony with "officiant"
  • Wrap bridal party gifts
  • Get final count for reception & confirm with Maggiano's
  • Confirm & send out final payments for Czarina, Kristen & Kara
  • Book airport shuttles and other tours for Australia
  • Send "must-take" picture list to Kara
  • Finish up music playlists and confirm equipment
  • Paint flower girl wands and get them over to Kristen
  • Create signs for wedding day
  • Finalize after-party arrangements! Yes!!!

Anything I'm missing?? I'm sure there is...

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Marie said...

I got one for you.
-Tell bridal party where and when you want them.