Friday, January 9, 2009

Our Photographer! (A Re-Post!)

I posted this previously, but because I wrote a draft, saved it and came back later, Blogger posted this when I began the draft (aka posted it about 7 posts back from when I wanted it). So basically this was overlooked, and I decided that Kara's work was much too amazing to just gloss over. So I'm re-posting all of it:

Please meet the amazing work of the lovely Kara Schultz, owner of Karatography:

(All images from Karatography)
I think it's pretty easy to see why once we saw her work, we just had to book!! And, it's also fairly evident what a sucker I am for photojournalism and fine art photography!
She has a great eye for style, she's unbelievably responsive and flexible, and we have the utmost trust that she'll capture everything we want for the day.
We'll be doing an engagement shoot sometime in late May/early June, so I'll have the opportunity to post more of her fantastic work!

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Nic said...

I also love her photography! I'm so glad that she is able to do your wedding! yay! but, that man over woman thing (first photograph) is lovely, but not you and tom. that's my peace anyway.