Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shopping Dilemma: Do I Buy?

So I've been on a miniature, self-imposed unnecessary spending ban lately. I've been doing pretty good, actually. :-)

I've actually been trying to be proactive with my spending. As an example, after Christmas, I went forth and conquered all the 70% off sales and bought $300 worth of holiday decorations and miscellany for less than $75, including a Christmas tree!

So, when I ran across this $100 coat on sale at New York & Company, I started drooling over it. I kept thinking to myself, "Okay, you haven't bought a new coat since your freshman year of college. This is totally worth it."

Marked down to $50, is it worth it?
(It's fully lined, 100% wool, the works.)

Now I ask you, if I told you I had a coupon that brought this coat down to $35, is it worth it?

I'm obviously leaning towards worth it here, considering the price and the fact that my coat really is 4 years old. (And please, no comments about will you still want it next year. I can say "Yes" emphatically, as my current coat is a pea coat. I love the style, just not the pattern/color).

Talk to me, goose. Yes or No?