Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our Giant Trip to Target: The Game Plan

One of the things I've most been looking forward to in the whole planning process is registering for gifts. It's not because I'm greedy, but simply because I can't wait to pick out things for our house. I've probably spent way too many hours poring over Target's Home Design Event (there's still 30% off, people!) to not be excited.

But, I've always had a secret dread about registering, because I thought that Tom would absolutely hate it, and therefore, make it quite the ordeal. So imagine my surprise when the following conversation ensued:

Me: "So apparently some of my family members would like us to register so they can start buying us gifts."
Tom: "Oh, really?"
Me: "Really. I know you don't have much time, but maybe we can take a few hours on a Sunday and knock out some of the big stuff, and then I'll go back and pick out the kitchen stuff."
Tom: "Well, I was thinking we could go next Saturday. I have the whole day off, so we could spend it at the store and maybe checking out more apartments."
Me: "What? Did I hear you correctly?"
Tom: "Well, yeah. I have the day off, let's go to Target."
Me: [blinks eyes in disbelief.] "Umm, okay."
Tom: "I still get to pick out the vacuum, right?"

Considering we are starting from scratch, with our only possessions being a bed set, a bookcase, a desk, and Christmas decorations, Tom and I have a lot of stuff to pick out. Naturally, I've mapped out a game plan. I have domain over pretty much everything kitchen, dining and accessory. Tom gets to pick out all the electronics and small appliances, except for the coffeemaker, which is totally mine! Then, we'll attempt to come to a consensus over bedding and linens.

If I left the bedding decision up to him, this is what he would pick out:

If it was left completely up to me, I'd go for something more feminine like this, but with lots of colorful toss pillows:

I have a feeling that we'll end up with something like this:
It has clean lines, fairly neutral colors, will match our existing bedroom set, but has enough stylish touches for me to be satisfied.
Sadly, one of things I'm most excited for is our flatware. I've had my heart set on this pattern for quite a while, and am soooo glad that Target still carries it:

Tortola by Oneida

And when it comes to dishes, I'm pretty undecided. I want something traditional, since we'll have these for many years before we replace them, but I would like something a bit more stylish than Corelle.

So I've found these, but I'm nervous I'll get bored of the color quickly:

And of course, Tom's vacuum. He's been drooling over this Dyson since we got engaged, practically. When I pointed out Dyson's newer, bigger and more powerful vacuum, Tom said it wasn't good enough because it was purple.
At least he's putting thought into it...


Jamie said...

I can relate to the dyson... i've been dying for one for about 4 years now and can't wait to get it in my registry!!

Marie said...

My tips for registering

-Wear comfortable shoes! very important, because once yours or tom's feet start hurting the grumpier you will get and the harder it is to make decisions.

-Research ahead of time. look at the pros and cons of major purchases and think and talk about what you want the appliances to do, bedding to look like, what you are thinking each room will look like and what you want in those rooms

-Make a game plan. Decide ahead of time what you are going to register for where. Take into consideration sales, return policies, locations, online registers, what not. This helps you not to have to go back and forth between stores and in between aisle in those stores.

-Don't register empty handed. Bring your lists. Don't follow the ones the stores give you, they are just looking at selling you things you don't need.

-Don't register on an empty stomach. Bring something to drink and a snack. It takes a long time and alot of energy.

-Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither is your register. take your time. You can always add, take away, completely change your mind. Don't think you have to make all the decisions in one day.

-Have fun!! That is the most important thing, because all of this is suppose to be fun.

Good Luck