Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Logistical Nightmare (Sort of!)

In light of the wedding move, Tom and I have had a fairly frenzied approach to planning. Our motto? Get it done!

Even though I had put hours of thought, research and effort into the '10 wedding, planning this one is more time-consuming than either of us had thought. Since we are so very in love with our photographer, finding a date which worked for her became a priority. We had more date issues with some family obligations, most of which are turning out to be immovable. We were hoping to have a June wedding, but have pushed back to August. With Tom starting school in late August, our choice of dates are significantly narrowed. Add in a few graduation parties, birthdays, medical issues, cousins returning to college, and we have a bona fide mess.

So, our approach to the date has become this: We're not going to please everyone, so we might as well figure out when our vendors are available and take the winning date. I'll let you know how that one goes.

Our other major issue is the guest list. (Who doesn't have problems with the guest list??). The ceremony site we're attempting to book holds 130 guests. If we really squish everyone together, we're up to 150. With our current list inching close to almost 220 people, we're facing some serious chopping. People keep mentioning that not everyone will attend, but the fact is, the majority will, especially since more than half the guests are family. It's unfortunate that we can't make any decisions in regards to dates or ceremony sites until we have this list finalized, since that will take at least another week.

I'm very much looking forward to taking care of the logistics, so I can spend much, much more time in the future planning the details.

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