Friday, February 13, 2009

In Light of Valentine's Day...

...let's discuss our proposal.

There's always a lot of proposal discussion around Valentine's Day, even though I think it's all a bit cliche (but I'm not here to judge...). But, our story is both sweet and funny, so I thought I'd share:

Tom proposed in April 2007. While I knew it was coming, I was not exactly sure where or when it was going to happen. We were having a lazy Saturday, just bumming about and watching movies. When Tom asked me if I wanted to take a walk outside, I looked at him like he was crazy. I promptly told him no, I really didn't want to go anywhere. (Little did I know I was botching his entire plan). He left to go to the bathroom, where I could have SWORE I heard him talking on his phone. I thought it was strange, but I ignored it. When he came back, he asked again to go on a walk. I again gave him the side-eye. I saw him start to fumble through his stuff, but again, thought nothing of it. He then said to me, "I bought you something." This was the first time that I knew something was up --- he never buys me things without a reason. Ever. As he started to walk over, I noticed a book in his hands. Still not really putting two and two together, I continued to look at him quizzically. At that point, he bent on one knee, and I finally realized what was happening. I opened up the book, and he had written a poem (which I promptly memorized but won't repeat for fear of tarnishing his "manliness"). I flipped the page and found my ring (my beautiful, glorious ring), sitting perfectly in the book, like it would in a ring box. In pure storybook form, he then asked me to marry him, I said yes, and he slipped the ring on my finger.

Have any of you gotten ill yet? I'm sorry. I know it's sappy. But what did you expect?

What my dear boy had done for me, I still cannot wrap my mind around. He purchased a book (Just Like Heaven), which had two hands creating a heart on the cover, several days previous. He then sat for several hours, gluing each page together to create "the box." On top of that, he glued cardstock, then carved through 300 glued pages to create the slit for the ring to sit in. The proposal he planned (that I botched) was to take place outside at one of the most picturesque spots on my campus. He had even contacted one of my friends to hide out and take pictures, because he knew how much I love pictures. (That's who he was on the phone with in the bathroom, by the way. He was explaining to her that I would not cooperate). Like I said, he is such a sweet boy.

Coincidentally, I had received flowers that week from a friend, so I was able to use those for some pictures. Below is my absolute favorite!!

It would have looked so good, if it wasn't for the money in the background. Hahaha.

Oh well. So there you have it --- our sweet, funny, botched proposal!

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