Monday, February 2, 2009

More Congratulations to Thomas!

This weekend, Tom unexpectedly qualified for Nationals in the shot put!

As you may recall, two weeks ago, I posted about his qualification for the weight throw. As that is where he has been focusing much of his energy, he was pleasantly surprised on Saturday when he reclaimed the school record (it had previously been his before his injury) and became a double-qualifier. It is just so satisfying to watch his years of hard work come to fruition!!

Thankfully he has this weekend off (so we're going to register!!), so his body will be able to slightly rest and next weekend, he'll be throwing even stronger! Maybe I'll even be a diligent fiance and take some pictures and report back to you...

In terms of wedding-ness, my recent lack of posts has probably alerted you to the fact that I'm taking it easy on that front. Our contracts are officially signed for the ceremony and reception sites, as well as for the photographer. Ditto with the florist and the linen specialist. I've pretty much finalized the wording for the invitations, and should start figuring out the formatting soon. Eventually, we'll finalize the menu, but that's not much of a priority right now. Our next big task will be finding the right apartment (which has proven to be pretty difficult, actually) and coordinating the big Spring move with Tom's trips in May to outdoor Nationals (19-23) and Colorado (24-31)...

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