Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Moral of the Story...

When I first started planning the wedding, you would have thought I was competing in a race. I was running, no, sprinting, to plan every detail. Little did I know that planning is more like a marathon --- you need to take it slow, make deliberate choices, and let yourself feel the effects.

I have found, with the exception of the purchase of my wedding dress, that hasty decisions have left me unsatisfied or overspent. Take for instance the purchase of the flower girl dresses this weekend. One week of frustrated shopping, and I was ready to settle for something I didn't want. Then, by chance, I find the perfect choice where I least expected it, for 1/2 of what I wanted to pay. Ditto with the honeymoon. I was so desperate to choose something and have concrete plans, that I almost missed getting the deal of a lifetime on our top choice!

The same school of thought, then, should be applied to my shoes. Why waste $70 on a pair of shoes I will most likely wear once? All because I'm too anxious to wait for the summer shoes to arrive in stores?

When I think back to the original planning stages and compare that vision to the current one, I am absolutely amazed by how much has both changed and stayed the same. As all the pieces begin to fit together (venues, attire, decor), I find myself so unbelievably excited. I can absolutely picture the day in my head, from the moment I see all my nieces all dressed up and waving their wands to the first moment Thomas and I have alone. The more I picture these moments, the more I find the small details matter less and less.

So I guess all of our mothers have been right all along ---- patience really is a virtue.

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Nic said...

oh bethy. I love you so much. you're thoughtful, organized, and you put your money where your mouth is. You really are a role model for us all!

too sappy? I just love you! I hope you realize just how amazing you are!