Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wait, What?

Everyone who reads this on a semi-regular basis probably has picked up on my love of photography, specifically of the fine-art category. I love photos that tell a story, rather than just capturing a moment. Like this, for example:

(via StyleMePretty)

or this:

(via A Practical Wedding)

And because I love this style of photography, I never even hesitated when booking our photographer. Until now. (Cue the terror music: Dum dum dummmm).

Until yesterday, it had never really occurred to me that all eyes would be on us. All of 'em. And a few dozen cameras. And a really expensive camera. A really expensive camera that is going to focus on us ALL day and take pictures for posterity. Pictures that our posterity will gawk at and coax remarks like "I can't believe you wore THAT!"from them. Lots of pictures. Pictures of us standing. Pictures of us hugging. Pictures of us kissing (eww. Please don't take any of those pictures).

It's not that I'm shy (because God knows I outgrew that years ago). It just skeeves me out that we'll have 200 people staring at us. It's almost panic attack-inducing. Okay, it is panic attack-inducing (which is probably why my boss is giving me the side-eye right now!).

I know this sounds completely irrational, and let me assure you, I know it is. And I'm sure it's nothing that a good ol' cocktail the morning of the wedding can't fix. I don't think I even want to start thinking about our engagement photographs...

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Marie said...

Take a couple of deep breathes. The day of your wedding you will not be thinking about everyone staring at you or people taking pictures. You will be thinking about marrying Tom. You will be thinking about spending the rest of your life with the man you love. At the reception you probably will think about the people and pictures but you will more be thinking about enjoying yourself in the moment.