Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Trend I'm Not Ashamed to Love

The latest trend in wedding shoes is to wear cute shoes that match your color. While nobody really sees them, they do make for some cute photographs! :)

(Tina @ With This Ring, I Thee Obsess)

While I've been keeping my eye out for a pair of cute aqua/teal/blue stilettos, you can imagine that I've found few options.

Dyeable shoes to the rescue!!

While the word "dyeable" may conjure up images of square toe pumps dyed magenta to match the taffeta bridesmaid creations of the '80's, the line has really come a long way. Behold my potential choices:




I'm leaning towards Flash, the middle pair, because I like the simplicity. I also think they'll be a much more "wearable" option after the wedding, while the other two pairs look like "wedding shoes." Opinions?


Becca said...

Before I even saw your fav. pick, it was mine too! Also I love the wine bottle idea!

Marie said...

I like the first ones the best but they are more me. I think the second pair are more you and you will wear them the most.

Nic said...

I liked the third pair, but they are wedding-ish. . . but the middle one- flash- is really nice. but are they comfortable? that's my question. . .

Jamie said...

Middle as well :-)