Thursday, November 20, 2008

Budget Secret #1

One word: Etsy.

Etsy is a cross between eBay and a giant, online craft show.

Each vendor sets up a "shop" where they sell homemade items, and occasionally, vintage stuff. And because this stuff is all homemade, the prices are not neccessarily cheaper than their store bought counterparts, but sometimes it is. And when its not, you can be assured that the quality makes it totally worth it.

Where else can you order custom linen napkins?

Or paintings/prints from budding artists? This is one of my favorites on the site, OlaDesigns. I just love the whimsy of her work, and plan to incorporate her stuff into my future home design :)

And don't forget the bath & beauty category. Homemade soaps, lotions, mousses, etc.

Check out this holiday cranberry soap:

Umm...delicious? This would make a great hostess gift if you bought a few bars and wrapped them up in a cute, gilded basket. Holla!

One other plus to Etsy, if this is your thing, is the commitment to organics. Since most of the sellers tend to be "off the grid" types, most of them use organic ingredients and recyclables. For instance, the hair comb I bought was shipped with recyclable packaging. Most of the beauty products sold on there (including soaps) are free of harsh chemicals.

It's pretty easy to get overwhelmed with everything offered on etsy. I recommend using the category tabs on the left if you're just browsing, and using the "Alchemy" tool if you're looking for something specific. "Alchemy" is basically a classified ad: You (the buyer) posts what you're looking for, and a crafter will contact you if they can make it, along with the price. It's pretty awesome. Check out Etsy if you have the time!

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Marie said...

Who makes the napkins? THose are cute. DOn't forget good smelling homemade detergent like crunchy clean (my next purchase). Now you are going to have me on Etsy all day.