Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saving Paper...

Even though I LOVE the idea of the cute menu card tucked lovingly into the envelope-style folded napkin on the dinner plate, it seems almost to be a bit silly for a cocktail reception. In the very least, it would be a ton of paper wasted, too.

So instead, how about something cute like this:

I would probably be so nervous about the chalk rubbing off that I might actually paint it myself, but we'll see. I could see this being pretty easy to do, considering the thrift store always has a collection of large artwork that people don't want. I'll just pick up a frame for $10 from them, get some MDF board from Hobby Lobby, and pick up a can of chalkboard paint. Voila!!

We could also tie that in with the seating chart:

(via Style Me Pretty)

If I was really feeling crafty, I could probably design both similarly on paper, and have them printed at Kinko's so they matched...

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