Monday, November 10, 2008

My Own Personal Olympian...

Most of you, especially those of you who have known Tom since high school, have seen the dramatic difference in his physical stature over the past five years. It's really been the last two years, however, that have made a dramatic impact onto his physique. Ever since the accident with his ankle in Feb. '07, Tom has been forced to rely on his upper body. This has brought about major changes in the way he competes, trains and practices. As such, he's been garnering much more attention from coaches and trainers.

As a component to his training program, Tom has launched a blog where he interacts with other throwers, weight lifters, and fitness enthusiasts. In a recent post, Tom reveals his career aspirations. And let me tell you, they're pretty amazing. In addition to finding a personal coach and trainer, Tom plans on competing in the professional circuit from 2011-2016. Below is an excerpt from his blog:

"Ultimately in a perfect world ( we all know how that never happens) I would like to end my career representing the USA at the 2016 games in front of my hometown of Chicago."

So there you have it, folks. The normally quiet, modest Tom has revealed his ultimate goals. And I could not be more proud. :-)

If you have some time, head on over to his blogs. Weight lifting exercises and run-on sentences aside, he occasionally posts some pretty sweet and profound thoughts about us and the wedding...

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