Friday, November 14, 2008

Catering Proposal - Take 2

So even though my mind's quieted down a bit since yesterday, I still can't get over that number. Well, 5 numbers, to be exact. Twice the amount of my student loans. A year of college tuition.

So in a mad rush to distract myself with other numbers, I started frantically contacting all the other caterers on the preferred list. Either the proposals will be more reasonable, or I'll just learn that goat-cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes really do cost $1,000.

While at work today, I received a phone call from one of said caterers. I found the woman to be extremely pleasant and personable. As I began to discuss the nightmare of yesterday, I found her to be extremely professional --- she wasn't trying to pry, but was trying to figure out what our real budget is, and where I felt yesterday's quote went wrong. I give her credit for not laughing when I told her what the actual budget was.

All in all, we had a really pleasant chat about the flow and logistics of cocktail receptions, and she gave me lots of advice on the ins and outs of the Danada House, amounts of food, seating arrangements and bar menus. I'm really crossing my fingers that her proposal will be much closer to our budget, as I really heard an air of confidence in her that I liked.

And above all, I'd rather have knowledgeable, confident vendors that I can trust rather than vendors trying to save a buck and cutting corners.

We even talked about moving the ceremony time up to 1:30, that way it's a bit more clear that we're having an afternoon reception. Fine by me :)

So I guess now I just wait. Next week we should have several more quotes coming in from various caterers, so I should have a good base of comparison.

And this Sunday, Tom and I are meeting with 2 photographers. With any luck, we could have everything signed up and confirmed before the end of the month!!! :)

Happy Weekend Everybody!

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