Monday, November 3, 2008

The DIY Crazy-Train

So in my fairly naive state, I believe that I'll have time to make the centerpieces for the reception. Why not, right?? If we keep them fairly simple, there shouldn't be too much work involved...

These are a few inspirations:

Don't you just love those yellow ones??? The bride actually did all of those herself. No, really!
I'm thinking small-ish, 4x4" square, low vases, with the banana leaf wrap inside the vase (like the ones above) filled with fluffy white hydrangeas and some green hypericum berries, so they mimic the bouquets. If we go with blue table linens, then we have the entire scheme all wrapped up. :)
Plus, I'm thinking these could be fairly cost-effective, as hydrangea stems are usually around $3.50/stem, and we'd only need 2 per arrangement. The filler would obviously be low cost as well, and with Hobby Lobby/Jo-Ann/Michael's selling vases for under $4, these will definitely help us stay within budget.
know some of you are probably thinking, "Why not just do candles?" Well, if the reception begins before 3:00 pm, and ending before 8:00 pm, there's really no need. The room is almost ALL windows, negating the "glow" that candles would give off.
Any spectacular centerpiece thoughts out there??

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Marie said...

Would we make them the night before? And if you are going to make the center pieces are we going to do a test run a couple of months before so we know exactly what you want? And do you really want the extra stress? We will be there to help but just think about it.