Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For the Wee Ones Out There...

So as it stands today, Tom and I have 3 nieces. Where we will stand in 21 months is anyone's guess.

I think it's a fair assumption to say we'll have quite the gaggle of kids in the wedding party, though. My oldest niece (and goddaughter) Madalyn, will be nearly 7 at the time of the wedding. Her sister (and Tom's self-proclaimed goddaughter) Amelia will have just turned 4. Savannah, my newest and youngest niece will be almost 2.

With the varying ages, who knows if they're going to be flower girls, ring "girls", or just around for decoration ;)

But, I do know that I want to make the experience fun and exciting for them. (Not that it matters all that much, because Madalyn calls Tom my "husband" anyway...heeeheee)...
So instead of a wreath for their hair, a basket of flowers, a mini bouquet, or a pomander, I've always had it in my head to make them "princesses." Behold, the flower wand:

How sweet is that???? By just adding a dowel rod with a ball at the end and some extra long ribbon, you have something that's both cute and fun for pictures.
And this dress? Too sweet for words!

It's from Ann Taylor, the same place where I purchased by dress. And the best part? It's on clearance right now for $40!
Ah, well, I'm pretty sure the options will be just as endless once we're in a position to purchase them. If not, we can always make them :)

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