Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Dress!!!!!!!!


I promised T that I would post fair warning before putting up any pictures of my dress because, being the fairly traditional boy that he is, he doesn't want to see it before the wedding. He's heard me talk about, but the extent that he knows is that it's ivory and has silver beading, and I got it 50% off or whatever.

So, T, if you're reading this, do not read further or click the link below, or else you will be sorry.

***End of Disclaimer***

So, on to the good stuff...

As this summer marks the end of Ann Taylor's 2007/2008 Celebrations line, pictures are no longer available of my dress through the website. However, due to the Google-talent that I have, I was able to find the picture of it! :)

Let me tell you, I love Ann Taylor/Celebrations. Not only are the prices great, but you can't beat the styles. And since there are just a few colors, everything coordinates! Oh, and it also comes in this AMAZING packaging with ribbons and bows and everything else that makes my heart sing...So without further ado, here is the link to THE DRESS.

Now, keep in mind that it looks a little goofy in this picture and is not nearly as mermaid/poofy at the bottom as it appears. And the beading on the bodice is so much more amazing in person. And I'm not a size 0. But, that is the dress, in all it's amazing 100% silk-ness glory. And I love it.

My thoughts about jewelry, from the very beginning of all this, was to wear the pearl necklace and earrings that my parents' gave me for my 18th birthday. They're the perfect shade of ivory to match the dress, but I'm not sure if I like them with the beading. I had tried them on with the dress, but I just couldn't get past the fact that I was wearing my wedding dress to concentrate on silly details like jewelry. I would love to wear earrings like these, except they're $1,290. Awesome. Anyhoodle, we have lots of time to figure this out, now don't we???

So, for your question of the day, any thoughts on jewelry/hair/accessories that spring to mind looking at this picture???


Hilary said...

I really like the dress!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous dress!!