Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby Steps...

If any of you have stuck around thus far, congratulations. I'll be rewarding you with some wedding updates today.

According to the ever-present, always looming Knot checklist, I have 61 things left to due, with four of them being "overdue." Truthfully, we are right on schedule --- the four things overdue being 1) book honeymoon arrangements (flights booked, waiting on hotel prices to drop, so no worries there), 2) arrange tuxedo rental and let the guys know (since we're just going with suits, we don't have to worry about this), 3) verify menu with caterer (not time pressing -- will determine MUCH closer to the wedding) and 4) book rehearsal dinner site (I think we'll be hosting a BBQ at our new house, so this isn't an issue, either).

With the move this month, I've left all my Gocco supplies at my parents' house, so I might not do that all this weekend, but definitely soon. I'll be starting to address the invitations shortly, and will post pictures of our work.

I'll be scheduling my first dress fitting now, but that won't be until June (gotta be quick during wedding season, though).

We'll have to take Tom (and his suit) for alterations, because he hasn't actually worn it since last October, and his muscles have grown and his waistline has shrunk...We'll also need to get him some new dress shoes (I'm crossing my fingers that he'll get some REALLY shiny ones!). He also needs to get his passport, or else I'll be flying to Oz by myself!!

Our first wedding shower is in less than 3 weeks, and I am soooo excited! My mother has been doing an excellent job planning, and it sounds like it's going to be a fun time. Tom's mother has also verified the date for our second shower, which will be in late June. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to start eating off of real plates, instead of glad ware! :)

More soon!!

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