Friday, April 24, 2009


I think I'm suffering from heatstroke.

My thoughts are swimming, I'm sweating from every pore, my speech is slowing, and I'm making rash decisions.

The air conditioning in my office is broken, and we're at a sweltering 80 degrees. Because I don't trust myself to write coherently for my clients, I figured there was no better time to update this blog. ;)

So, when I say what I'm about to say, keep in mind that my brain is 15 minutes away from frying.

I think I'm going to nix handing out favors altogether.

No, really, I'm serious! I know I've spent a lot of time debating about this, and I've even purchased $50 worth of favor boxes (what was I thinking?!?!), but it's just SO not necessary. I think the fact that this hasn't been an easy decision speaks volumes to its importance (which is none).

Plus, the more I think about spending upwards of $200 on cookies, the more I get sick to my stomach. (Though that could just be because of the heat...). I'd rather take the $200 and get our bridal party/parents fantastic, thoughtful gifts, or be selfish and use that money for a great dinner on our honeymoon.

Truth be told, I'm sad I won't have those cute little boxes tied with ribbon. BUT, I certainly don't want to spend that much money just so I can have attractive pictures.

More DIY postings to come...Stay tuned!


nic said...

What? No favors! Every wedding has favors. . .useless as they might be.

I see you not spending the extra money on useless things but there needs to be something to thank people for coming and celebrating with you. You can't cheap out on that. You need to thank people- what about just a note on each plate with people's names. . .maybe they can double as place cards. . .

B said...

Nic, I must completely agree to disagree with you.

Favors in and of themselves are a ridiculous concept. Are they sometimes cute and sentimental? Yes. But, if you think their purpose is to serve as a thank you for attending, you are sorely mistaken. Thank you cards sent AFTER the wedding are to thank guests for their presence, as well as a gift, should they choose to bring one.

If you have time, look up the origin of favors (Italian Jordan Almonds). They had NOTHING to do with gratitude, but instead, were to "shower" the new bride and groom with fertility wishes. The almonds were HURLED at the couple, not taken home by the guests.

It's not cheap, by any means -- it's practical.

And furthermore, how many favors have you "accidentally" left behind at a wedding (or wish you did)?

Nic said...

I had no idea the etimology of favors.

You are always right and I must not forget that.