Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shopping for Oz: Part 1

I saw this idea on another wedding blog, so I'm stealing it.

We're going to do some window shopping for the honeymoon!

Background Information:
The weather in Sydney will be about 60-65 degrees, and 65-75 in Port Douglas. In Sydney, we'll be doing a lot of touristy stuff, so I'll need appropriate clothing. In Port Douglas, however, we have very few plans, and most of them include fruity drinks and lying on the beach.

Since we'll be traveling for 12 days, we're going to have to pack smartly. Because we're flying international, we can bring 2 suitcases each (plus a carry-on and purse/laptop bag/briefcase) without being charged extra. But, this doesn't mean we'll have a ton of extra space. In my previous travels to Europe, I've always brought 2 suitcases, each half-packed. On my way home, my suitcases always end up mysteriously filled to the brim! In short, I'll need a few pairs of jeans, a few breezy dresses, a few skirts, 1 or 2 lightweight sweaters/cardigans, shorts, a few bathing suits, and shirts. Then, I'll need to pack all my comfy clothes for the dreaded 28 hour flights. :(

With that said, I'm searching for pieces that are easy to dress up or dress down (as we'll be at the beach in the day and in town by night), pieces that are universal (i.e. cardigans), and pieces that are lightweight (for both the weather and for packing!).

So, here's a dress that I LOVE! I think it would be great to wear to the beach as a cover up, but would also be great paired up with a thin sweater, metallic sandals and a cute purse to wear into town for dinner.

And for under $30, this is sooo worth it.


Becca said...

LOVE IT! Does it come in my size? Plus that color would be awesome with a tan!!

Nic said...

ove the dress too, but be sure to try it on first!! it makes the model look pregnant!