Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Here's something they never tell you in the "What Happens When You're Engaged" book:

Sometimes, you're so engrossed in the wedding that you forget there are other areas of your life.

But you know what? There's more to Tom and I than color swatches and the occasional track meet. In fact, there's a whole other world we live in, complete with people, jobs, houses, and cars. And while I tend not to delve too much into those "teeny, insignificant details" (Nicole, name that movie!), I can't ignore our good news much longer!

This week will be one for the record books for us --- we're moving and adopting a puppy!!

I took a straw poll (Nicole, name that movie again!), and it turns out, we are certifiably crazy for trying to do both this week. But, we've fallen head over heels in love with this puppy, and he needs a home. By chance, it turns out, we have one to offer him.

So, lovely readers and wanderers, I'd like to introduce you to Murdock:

I know, right? He's absolutely, eat him with a spoon, pick him up and squeeze him, adorable!! He's a 13-week old Australian Cattle Dog, or Blue Heeler. He's extremely intelligent (already sits on command and is housebroken), he's great with other dogs, cats and kids, and from what I hear, he's quite the cuddler!

So, dear readers, please forgive me if my postings become sporadic and sparse. It's highly likely I'll either be a) engrossed with my new DVR, b) trying to figure out how to paint a vaulted ceiling without hiring a professional, c) teaching Murdock how to make my morning coffee, or d) attempting to move my multitude of boxes labelled "wedding" from my parents' house.

We're bringing our new boy home on Thursday, so I'm hoping I'll have some fresh pictures of him soon!

PS - Does anyone have some great puppy training tips? We've pretty much read everything we can get our hands on, but are always looking for more suggestions until we've gotten him registered for "Puppy School."

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Nic said...

1. Love Actually (Sam talking to his dad)
2. No idea! I think it's That Thing You Do, but I can't think of it. . .

Anyway. . . Murdock is cute! I can't wait to meet him!