Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shopping for Oz: Part 2

You know that feeling you get when you're just browsing for clothes, but you find something you love and then you find out it's on sale?

Yeah, not such a good thing for your wallet.

I experienced it this morning, when looking for fodder for this post. I fell in love, saw everything was on sale/clearance, and before you know it, was pressing the "confirm" button on the order screen. Whoops.

But, I think I picked some great pieces that I'll be able to wear this spring/summer, as well as on the honeymoon, so I guess I don't feel soooo terrible.

Love it! And for $7.99, I couldn't pass it up.
Remember yesterday when I was talking about a lightweight cardigan/sweater? Mission accomplished! (Oh yeah, and for only $15!)

And how can I forget these? Aka, the greatest pants ever? I bought a pair of these my senior year of college, and I've worn them so much that they're starting to get see-through in some spots (not a good thing). So, I bought a replacement pair for $15. Did I mention that I was wearing these when Tom proposed? True story. I had bought the cutest cream and black halter to match, and was wearing a pair of hot red stilettos. It was my "just in case he happens to propose this weekend" outfit. It totally worked!
Oh, and I've decided to go ahead and buy that dress from yesterday. I received an Old Navy 20% coupon yesterday, which I'm deeming as fate. That brings the dress down to about $25. Holla! At this rate, I'll be almost finished with my shopping before May! :)


Becca said...

Way CUTE stuff!! Good Job, my pit bull:) It's good to see you using your powers for good:)

Marie said...

I almost wish I didn't open your blog today. Ok my wallet wishes I didn't open your blog today, my wardrobe thanks you.

Nic said...

what about those money posts? only spending a $100 fun bucks a month. . .
I don't mean to be a buzzkill (I love clothes and you've seen my home closet!) I'm just being realistic. .