Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shopping For Oz: Part 3

No outfit, or trip, really, is ever complete without a good handbag. I learned this the hard way when I travelled to Ireland a year ago. The purse I had brought (stupidly, a leather Coach bag), just wasn't big enough to hold my wallet, passports, rental car paperwork, guidebooks, and random souvenirs.

I like big bags. I can't help it. So, on day 2 of our trip, Nicole and I ventured out in search of a new purse. And I found one that was fantastic, and used it for the next 3 months! :)

So, I've decided that I have to travel with a big bag. Maybe it's a security blanket of sorts, but I find it really, really helpful.

I Love Love Love this one from Banana Republic:

But, I can find a lot of better uses for $230.

And what trip is complete without a pair of oversized sunglasses? Yes, these are also a weakness of mine. I've owned at least 5 pairs in the past 2 years.

They're on sale for $68, down from $98, but I already have a pair I love and will stick with those for a while longer...

And I LOVE these sandals:

From Piperlime, coming in at $45.
So there you have it --- the accessories to round out the travel wardrobe!

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