Thursday, October 2, 2008

All in the Details...

So as I spend more time looking at pictures, thinking about venues, etc., the vision of the day becomes a clearer picture in my mind. Though I'm prone to changing it often (I've "planned" for at least 4 different places/dates now), I feel fairly certain that this vision will stick.

But that's partly because I've already spent money on the paper for the invites and the dress, so there's no way to turn back now! ;)

So anyhoodle, I've spent some time the past few days thinking about what the wedding would be like at any of the sites below, and the vision is fairly similar. I'd like to stick with the common chord of "garden elegance" but still have the fun, fresh touches that stop this from becoming a stuffy affair.

Idea #1: Lace.

I like lace in small quantities. I certainly don't want it everywhere, lest this look like the special occasion fabric section at a craft store, but I'd like to incorporate it in small touches. For instance, the tables:

(DeNormandie Party Linens)

Please ignore the crazy centerpiece and chair that could double as a fancy toilet. However, please pay special attention to the lace topper. Picture that on top of both pool blue and apple green linens. In my head, I think the blue will look better, but I like the color green more.

I'd also like to incorporate it into the ceremony (if it is outdoors, that is), but having it become part of the canopy (sorta like a chuppa), or even as an aisle runner (in lieu of flower petals).

And I love it at the bottom of this dress too:

(Jenny Yoo Bridal)

Just barely noticeable :)

Idea #2: Flowers.

Fairly self-explanatory, right? Too bad there's this little problem called a BUDGET. So, my thoughts for fresh flower centerpieces without the cost are this:

or actually doing a simple DIY project the night before. I can get vases as cheap as $2 a piece, and we could make a run to Trader Joe's or even a regular grocery store and buy several of their mixed bouquets. They can easily be split in half (or smaller depending on the size of the vases), running the cost to approx. $5 per arrangement.

Sigh. Roses and lace? I really am a lot more girly than I let on to be.


Nic said...

You're such a girl! Lace and Roses? Why not have the wedding colors be pink and red? Just kidding! I always knew you had it in you and I love the lace! Roses-mh. . . I think the centerpieces really depend on the reception, and flower vases are okay if you go with the cocktail thing, but ample low centerpieces I think would be best for the dessert reception.
And-Danada House. Great venue, but Tom wants to have the receptionat a church right? This is his day too! People will get over the fact that they have to wait.

Marie said...

Just realize that making center pieces the night before might be very frustrating!!!! And most people are use to having down time between the church and reception. If you two are doing a service you can start at 3:00. We can figure something out for in between if need be. Question. Are your colors just the blue and green or are you adding accents of ivory or champange or any other color. Becuase mixing of the colors and doing a large mix of center pieces and linens can give a beautiful look. SOrry for the skipping train of thoughts, and the spelling. I'll explain the thoughts on the linen look more in person, possibly with diagrams, and hand puppets! And yes the lack of sleep is catching up to me.