Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Frivolous, But Factual

So you might have remembered me posting about these in many of my Gocco posts, but alas, I love them, so I'm talking about them again.

Well, okay, I didn't actually talk about these, I just posted the picture.

This clever, clever bride took the time to Gocco 1,000+ napkins, each containing one of five random facts about the couple.

How much fun is that?!? (Crazy ton of work, but FUN!). And considering we're doing the hors d'oeurves-y type of reception, I'm guessing cocktail napkins would be abounding anyway.

So, without further ado, I thought I'd throw some more random facts about Tom and I out there in case I plan to Gocco my life away in the future:

  1. So obviously marching band was a huge part of how we ended up dating. (Well, that and a football injury, but I digress.) Normally, Tom played the trombone. When we started dating, however, Tom had a strong command of the finger cymbals, which he aptly renamed "The Man Cymbals."
  2. The first time I met Tom's mom was at about 11 pm at night on a Saturday, when she was forced to come and pick us up in her bathrobe and slippers. Tom had broken his key in half and we couldn't get in his car. At this time, I was suffering from "exhaustion," but was being tested for mono, among other things. She later sent me a piece of apple pie to help me feel better. :)
  3. When Tom had asked me out for our first date, he was on his way to football practice and didn't have time to write my phone number down. Instead, I wrote it on his arm. He proceeded to sweat most of it off during practice, and almost lost it.
  4. Tom and I have both changed our career paths. I once planned on being a high school English teacher, and Tom originally was majoring in History.
  5. Not only has Tom picked out the names of his future children (Olivia, Aiden, Declan & Natalie --- okay, Natalie's mine, but I get some say, right??), he's also picked out the names of his future pets. The names for the dogs include Nelson, Godina, Romulus, Copernicus, Sienna, Kingsley, and a big ol' Mastiff named Periwinkle.
  6. While we're looking at a Mediterranean cruise as our honeymoon, our dream vacation would be a trip to Australia.
  7. Tom has already claimed the basement in our future house as his "Man Cave." Not only is it named, he already has wall paint (Notre Dame green), furniture (a tan/beige sectional big enough to seat 15), and decor (framed Buccaneers jerseys & memorabilia) picked out. Consider this an open invitation to our house for the 2011 Superbowl.
  8. In the span of about 2 years, I've had four or five different wedding plans. First was the fall affair at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. That was traded for the fall affair in Door County, complete with party bus transportation. Next came the tapas reception at one of our favorite restaurants, Meson Sabika. Then came the Catholic Church ceremony/tented Lake Katherine reception. Now we're working on the Danada House affair...

Can you guys think of anything random/fun about us?? Please post in the comments section... :-)


Marie said...

How about the fact that you have the rest of the house colors picked out (a couple of times over).

Or that you had a puppy named nelson already! A stuffed puppy is still a puppy.

How about the fact that people ask you how to spell stuff.

Hey what about your first date! Tom's car has always had problems. It was the one you could hear down the block. Oh the memories :)

B said...

Actually, the dog's name was Nigel. Nigel the Beagle.

R.I.P. '82 Ford Taurus, aka the site of our first date.

Natalie Pfoff said...

Beth and Tom,

Just wanted to let you know that every once in awhile I will check in on your blog to see how wedding plans are going! I love the napkin idea---I may have to keep that in mind for some day when I get married. Hope you aren't stressing out too much about the planning and I miss seeing you two :(