Friday, October 17, 2008

Now, Now, No Fighting...

Alas, the arguing of two of my sisters over the maid/matron of honor position has brought up a topic we haven't discusses yet: The Bridal Party.

It almost sounds like a death sentence, doesn't it?

It looks as if we're going to have a bit of a lopsided group...Tom, though he denies it, is a social butterfly who hates to hurt people's feelings. Killer combination when creating a bridal party.

I on the other hand, occasionally known as the Ice Queen at work, could really care less. I find it to be more of a burden than a joy to be a bridesmaid, and don't know why people are so eager to drop hundreds of dollars on a dress, pair of shoes, and jewelry that they'll never wear again (AND NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE SAY, YOU NEVER REALLY DO WEAR IT AGAIN!).

So, while nothing is finalized, as the wedding really still is a long way away and many things can change, it looks like we'll have 3 girls, 5 boys, and a plethora of young children scampering around.

Despite being extremely anal about pretty much everything, I've actually surprised myself (and Tom) and don't care that we'll be lopsided. Okay, maybe I protested a bit at first, but I acquiesced after about 5 minutes --- probably a record.

Since we're not having a head table, seating isn't really an issue, and as long as the photographer's creative, we'll be fine :) This isn't 1982 (thank God!), so we'll be forgoing matching bridesmaid dresses, bridal party numbers, shoulder pads, and butt bows. Well, except I might make Nicole wear one --- partly as punishment for not reading my blog regularly, and partly to protect her butt in case she falls again!! ;)


Becca said...

Oh Bethie, fighting is such a harsh word!! It's just a discussion among sisters:) And I do have to agree with Nic when she says she brings excitment to this whole thing. All I'll bring are more children:) And for the record, she WOULD love the jacket. I knew the minute I saw it that it was up her alley.
As for being lopsided, who cares! So two of us can walk down the aisle with two guys and Nic can have one. And of course the butt bow!

Marie said...

I think since Nicole gets the butt bow, She should get the two guys. Especially since she will probably know all the guys in the wedding party better than us.

Nic said...


also, i agree with Bec . . . fighting is a harsh word.
and good for you that that you don't care about having a lopsided wedding party! I also agree with Bec about the order, bec and marie should both have two guys, and i should have one. Though marie is probably right that I may know the guys the best, I still think Bec's arrangment will be more eye pleasing.