Thursday, October 16, 2008

The High Price of Being a Bargain Shopper...

As I've mentioned previously, I'll be designing my own invitations using the Gocco. And for this project, I've been religiously stocking up on some fantastic paper sold at Michael's. As they tend to send 40% or 50% coupons weekly, I've been making the weekly trek to buy my paper.

Obsessive, yeah, I know.

Fast forward to last night --- the clincher. I was about to buy the last set of reply cards. THE LAST SET!!! I had 120 invitations, 120 envelopes, and 100 reply cards. I only needed 1 more pack. And to help in my excursion, I brought along my trusty sidekick and maid of honor, my sister Nicole.

I had the paper in my hand, and Nicole was grabbing random Halloween accessories, including a foam hat, when tragedy struck. No really, this isn't a metaphor for an out of stock item.

Nicole, who is wearing a walking cast for a fractured ankle, slipped and fell on the tile. Coming down, she somehow clipped the side of her head on a merchandise rack. At first, I was more worried about her ankle and if she had twisted anything. Until we saw the blood. Somehow she managed to cut behind her ear --- a pretty nasty cut that looked like it needed stitches. So the paramedics (who were amazingly nice & friendly!) came and took us to the hospital. As she's being wheeled out on the gurney, Nicole asks me to buy her pirate hat.

Crazy girl. I didn't do it, nor did I buy my paper.

But alas, I've assigned Tom to the mission, as I really don't want to be going back there anytime soon. I'm glad that was the last set we needed!!

Ambulance ride: $200
7 Stitches: $150
200 sheets of gauze: $50

Attempting to save $1.31 on paper?? Priceless.

Here's to hoping the rest of the wedding planning stays stitches free!!!!!!!!!


Becca said...

If I was the matron of honor, I wouldn't have fallen and cut my ear:) And by the way, I'm not a huge fan of the shrug:(

Nic said...

Okay, falling, was not my intention. I did not want to slice my ear and have 7 stitches. This has nothing to do with me being the maid of honor Becca! But I add to the excitement and adventure of this endeveor!
And I think the pop of color is great, and I love the jacket!

Marie said...

I just want to know why you two didn't get the one EMT's phone number! I think Nicloe should wear the jacket and Becca and I don't have to. I think it is alittle funny looking, but if you want us to wear it I will.

Jen said...

omg, I am glad to know that I am not the only bride who goes to Michaels every week to use my coupon to buy ONE item, in my case it's vases ... it is my personal mission to get at least 40% off of everything I buy there for the wedding!