Friday, October 24, 2008

Drink Up!

So no party, big or small, is complete without beverages. Especially of the adult kind.

Now it's no surprise that I'm unhappy about the "standard" bar package. (Crowd begins booing).

It's not like I'm trying to be difficult or high maintenance, I just think that standard=boring. Or at least for me. And that's probably because I'm overstimulated on Dunkin Donuts coffee half the time.

But, if I had to choose between spending $16/person on a standard bar package, only to have half of our families nurse their carafe of lemon water on the table, or spending $16/person to have a few fun, exotic drinks, the ULTIMATE coffee bar, and some fun non-alcoholic beverages, I'd obviously choose the latter.

So that said, here are my ideas:

"Signature" drinks: An appletini, a Cuba Libre (rum, coke & lime), and two others (maybe something frozen like a pina colada or strawberry margarita? and something more classic like standard martini??)

Detailed signage at the bar will alert people to their choices, much like a menu:

Wine: 1 red, 1 white. Most people don't drink it anyway.

Beer: We're gonna have a kegger!!! Except, of course, without the red plastic cups. And the $5 admission fee. Instead, we'll have the bartender "hide" it behind his stand and serve it in classy pilsner glasses, like so:

High class, people, high class. And yes, we'll have a standard and a lite. And maybe an import if you people behave.

And, for the piece de resistance, the ULTIMATE coffee bar. (I'm not really sure why I feel the need to capitalize this, it just seems appropriate.)

Coffee: Regular & Decaf
Hot Cocoa: Regular & Dark
Syrups: Vanilla, caramel & mint
Cordials: Bailey's & Kahlua
Extras: Whipped cream, chocolate shavings, sprinkles :-)

Umm ---YUM!!

PS - As stated previously, I have something even better up my sleeve for the non-alcoholic beverages. It's just too good of an idea to share right now. Maybe once I finalize it with the caterer....well, once we finalize a caterer....haha


Becca said...

It sounds yummy! And I'll be able to partake in the festivities! I wonder if you will Marie? :)

Marie said...

Well I'll get to partake in the hot chocolate bar!! Unless we have a suprise :)