Thursday, October 30, 2008

Picture Time :)

Photography, as one of the few lasting artifacts of a wedding (alongside the marriage and misc. apparel), has become a rather important priority to us. And while Tom cares more about the substance and I the style (story of my life), finding a photographer to capture both is quite a task.

As such, here is the short list of qualities that we need:

- Must be able to work within budget. MUST.
- Shoots digitally, and will give us the rights to all photos thereafter.
- Photojournalistic style, with fine art emphasis.
- 2 photographers would be ideal.
- Personality is HUGE. Must be patient, creative & flexible. :-)

Tall order, no??

The good news is that I think I've found someone. The bad news is, well, there is no bad news! For now. Hoorah!

We were originally scheduled to meet with her this weekend, but as we don't have an official contract with the venue, meaning our date is subject to change, I thought it would be best to wait until everything was confirmed.

I'll post some of her photos once the contract is signed and whatnot...

'Til then, here's a quick peek at some candid photos from other photographers who specialize in this style...

(All courtesy of Snippet & Ink)


nicole said...

Personality really is a BIG thing.
Our photographers were great-- both in their skill and in their all around niceness. Having a good person photographing your day makes a difference.

Our friends (with a much larger budget than us) got married 3 weeks after we did. They hired a VERY expensive and well-known photographer-- Someone who has been published in every wedding magazine, who shoots for The Knot, etc.
She was a total ass. Her ego was always in the way, she stood in front of a reader at the ceremony, and she demanded 2.5 hours of their day be dedicated just to photos (in my opinion, if you take that much time you're bound to get something good-- that's not skill, that's quantity). She just wasn't NICE- it was all about her, not them.
Their photos are lovely, but I don't think they're 6x better than ours (they cost 6x as much), and I don't think it's worth having that sort of energy around your wedding.

nicole said...

p.s. congrats on finding someone that fits your criteria! it's a big check off the list.