Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just Another Reason I Love Danada :)

So I've been searching this morning, to no avail, for more pictures of the Danada House. But this time, I'm trying to find more of the outside.

One thing that Tom and I instantly fell in love with was the property the house was on, as well as the house & atrium. True to his very personality, the first thing Tom said when he saw the lawn behind the house was "We could bring up our bag sets to play while you guys are getting ready. Wait, maybe we could even play football."

Football was nixed pretty quickly, as I don't think bruises are the fashion statement we want to be making that day. Bags, however, has sort of stuck and morphed into another non-traditional idea.

Since the whole point of the day is really to reflect our personalities and the relationship we've developed, I think it's only normal to want the aspects of the day to reflect that, too. And I guess, since I'm marrying a fitness/P.E. nut, that includes lawn sports. :-)

I actually really like the idea of the guys hanging out that morning, just relaxing and playing around as only they do best. I think it would help reduce anxiety, and give them an outlet for extra energy.

I do, as always though, have one stipulation. The men must wear these:


Marie said...

I would make sure that none of them have a football in their car, otherwise a pick up game will follow.

And do we get to play bags while we are getting ready? :) Or are we going to do our usual? either work for me!

Nic said...

oh bethy! you funny girl!
i know you may not like this comment, but what's so wrong with football? The guys will be wearing long shirts and pants, and the chance of a bruise is unlikely. . . but it does still have a chance. . .